Everybody’s talking about the changing shape of retail, particularly in reference to fashion. Some organisations have responded well, and others not so, while new market entrants have created disruption and new opportunities.

Clipper has long been regarded as a leader in retail logistics.

We have a track record of innovative solutions that enable retailers to seize opportunities, drive growth, gain cost efficiency and deliver excellent customer service.

As a retail-focused solutions provider, we are keen to support UK retail. We act as a bridge between retailers to ensure high street and online operations work in harmony, and businesses of all sizes and growth stages can achieve their goals.

The Guide to Growth initiative is the next chapter in our longstanding relationship with Drapers, and is focused on powering fashion’s future.

This ground-breaking partnership has been created in direct response to our customers’ needs.

Central to the campaign is a forum of a truly collaborative group of retailers and brands, ranging from growth chasers to long-established bastions of retail, who, together with Clipper, will offer expert knowledge and insight that will support the growth of the wider retail sector.

The advisory panel will provide direction for brands and retailers of all sizes, all facing very different challenges, from fulfilment to returns, click and collect, cross-border trading and developing sustainable supply chain solutions.

We are excited to launch this initiative in partnership with Drapers. We hope it will be of great benefit to retailers in their quest for growth, and help them to navigate the challenging times ahead.

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Tony Mannix

CEO, Clipper 玩嘉电竞

Few industries are as fast moving and unpredictable as fashion. Consumers change quickly, but so do the people serving them: the designers, entrepreneurs and creatives working in fashion are pushing things forward and constantly questioning how things are done.

But while the creativity and grit on show in fashion is impressive, operating in the market is by no means easy. There are plenty of great ideas out there, but turning them into reality is something else entirely. Clear, practical and relevant advice is often hard to find.

With that in mind, we are launching this initiative in partnership with Clipper that is aimed at boosting fashion’s creativity with how-to advice, focusing on helping tomorrow’s big names grow and today’s big names stay relevant.

The Guide to Growth report is the first step. We’ve spoken to a range of fast- growing medium-sized brands about the challenges they faced as they started and grown their businesses, and taken lessons from their experiences for a new generation of brands and retailers. In addition, we’ve explored the hurdles all fashion retailers face as they look for growth in 2019. Today’s unique mix of difficulties makes this report essential reading for any business leader – from the tiniest brands to the biggest chains.

At the same time, we have launched an advice portal at drapersonline.com/growth , which is designed for any brand or entrepreneur facing the thorny problems that any business faces as it grows. The portal, updated fortnightly, answers questions from brands themselves about the conundrums they are facing. The idea is to provide the future leaders of the industry with the knowledge they need, and we want to hear your questions. Send them to graeme.moran@emap.com , and we will take them to the experts and publish the answers.

Rebecca Thomson

Head of Commercial Content, Drapers

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